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SAN Virtuosity Series

Save Money Through Virtualization:  The Keys to Introducing Virtualization in your Data Center

Virtualization has become a mainstream technology for optimizing resources and reducing costs in the data center. By consolidating workloads from underutilized and often outdated servers, substantial savings can be gained in capital expenditures (CapEx) for equipment and operating expenditures (OpEx) for maintenance, power, and management resources. VMware vSphere is the market-leading virtualization solution that provides the performance and scalability needed to virtualize business-critical applications along with the infrastructure to support cloud computing.

To gain the full benefits of VMware vSphere, most organizations use a shared Storage Area Network (SAN) based on the Fibre Channel (FC) protocol. A SAN is a dedicated network that interconnects hosts and storage devices. Emulex and Cisco are leaders in providing SAN connectivity solutions.

Cisco, VMware, and Emulex are sponsoring the SAN Virtuosity Series. This series is focused on a variety of topics related to getting the most out of your SAN-connected VMware enabled data center. This series includes four white papers and four webcasts.